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In these days of cutbacks and lean budgets, Hunter Hughes Media and Communications stands out as the multi-media organization specializing in innovative, out of the box thinking that saves money. Our company straddles both conventional and unconventional media sources to bring a wide array of services in the fields of broadcasting, entertaHunter Hughesinment, public relations,

Against a backdrop of over 30 years experience in television and radio, Hunter Hughes has established a business for the new millennium designed to help companies negotiate the rigors of the news and entertainment media of the future.

Whether you are seeking news coverage for your organization's big event, looking to to turn your website into a dynamic, interactive internet destination or just trying to provide a spark to your entertainment venue, Hunter Hughes Media and Communications has a wide

You will find all our services to be very affordable. This site details what we can provide to help your organization or business get the attention it deserves without breaking the bank.

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